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A very brief ranking of nu-Who Doctors

Today, I saw this-

So, I thought to myself, “Self, with all this nu-Who going around, who are the best nu-Who Doctor Who... knew ... what?”


Anyway, following is my definitive list of nu-Whos, Sam-I-Am.


Chris Eccleston. Yeah, you know it. So, I know what you’re all thinking. *SQUEE* I LOVE ME SOME TENNANT!!!!!! OMG, HE WAS SO GOOD IN THAT OTHER BRITISH SHOW I NEVER WATCHED!!!!!

And then you think to yourself that ol’ Chris was in Thor 2 (he was, look it up) and you didn’t even notice.


So hear me now and believe me later- No one had a harder job than Chris. Nu-Who was hardly a guaranteed success. And by adding his considerable talents to the show, THIS MAN MADE IT WORK. Yeah, the scripts weren’t as good as they would get later in the run (Where is my mummy excepted). Chris had to do a lot of work with just some under-acting a leather coat. But he was given the job, and he stuck the landing. He’s like the Citizen Kane of nu-Who; if you don’t understand why he’s so great, it’s because YOU’RE A PHILISTINE WHO WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND WHAT HE HAS BROUGHT TO THE TABLE! And most importantly, like George Washington, Chris never lied, and he left allowing the next person to take over and bring the show to more timey-wimey goodness.

2. TIE!


That’s right. Picking between the two of them is like choosing your favorite child; you know it’s not Brad, but what about the rest of them? Matt Smith captured the “alien-ness” of the Doctor better; Tennant had better setpieces for his acting ability. Tennant had better scripts, overall, but it really got ridiculous towards the end; Smith left making us want more, but suffered from not having any truly, truly great episodes. If there’s a slight edge, it would go to Smith, because, well, fezzes are cool.




Peter Effin’ Capaldi. There is no bad Doctor, here. In fact, if I had to take a single Doctor back to Old Who, he would be my choice. As a Doctor, he is amazing. As an actor, he is amazing. But ... he has been let down by tired scripts. No leather jacket could cure this.

So let’s pour out a cold one, shall we, and remember this; at some point, not too far from now, we will all be complaining about the new Doctor. But if Peter Capaldi, who did an amazing job, is the worst of the Doctors ... then whoever is coming is has some big shoes to fill.

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