I am missing some apps. Really, two: Instagram and Google+. Switching to WP8 made me realize just how much of what I had was useless fluff that never got used so when it came time to redownload as much as possible I realized I don't use 90% of this crap. I went from 230 apps on the iPhone to ~25 on the Lumia so far. Apps too, no games yet. Its shocking to see how much I cut back on stuff I really didn't need.

That being said, they still gotta add more just for the sake of having more. If that means bribing iOS/Android developers than so be it.

For now the 4S will stay with me, just as a true backup and for all my games. I've got nearly a grand of content on there over the years, might as well keep it in some capacity to use for now.

But for everything else? Good greif I can't believe I didn't discover WP8 sooner. WP8 is what Apple should be doing. It just feels more intuitive and straight forward and I don't know, just very modern. But that's Metro's interface for you.

To say nothing of the hardware. This polycarb phone feels more solid than the 4S/5. I don't know how Nokia pulls it off with their hardware but hey, I'm not complaining at all about it.


I'm glad I switched, I'm not exactly missing the iOS experience; its a shame WP8 won't get the same traction that old WinMo received, this is a fine OS that more people should use.