It’s your weekly Photo Gallery! Come on in, take a look at what people have been up to over the past week and share some of your own photos.

They don’t need to be taken with a fancy camera or works of art. Share any SFW photos you’ve taken with even the poorest of potatoes. Of course we love to see that arty stuff too.

Got out to do a hike I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now.

Some rusty metal.

A tiny lake that is supposedly over 100' deep.

Don’t think I’d go swimming in this one.


A red leaf.

I finished the hike earlier than I thought. With plenty of time left in the day I decided to go do some bike riding.


Hike had worn me out more than I thought and ended up taking a nap in my truck. Intense heat eventually found me in the shade and interrupted my nap.

Lone corn stalk in a field of not-corn.

Another of the leaf. You can better make out the caterpi/spider buttstring suspending it in midair.