There are plenty of weather apps out there, but how many bring you the weather without trying to add a positive spin, courtesy of Grumpy Cat? Now available for Android and iOS (but possibly US only).

I’ve tried out the Android app, and it delivers on its promise of Grumpy Cat providing you with the weather (from Weather Underground), and some grumpiness. What it doesn’t provide is an option to include the temperature in the notification bar, or any widget options. But maybe they’ll add those if enough people request them?


What it does have, is the option to add up to 6 cities, in addition to using “current location”. And the button to get to the settings is a paw, so that’s cute.

Settings allow you to choose between Fahrenheit and Celcius, and to be notified when more images are available.

Clicking on the Grumpy Cat face takes you here, and lets you know you can remove the ads by making a one time payment (I have Ad Away, but will pay them anyway if I keep the app through the week). There’s also a way to get 34 more pictures, if you sell out “share with” 3 friends.

And the +cities icon takes you to where you can toggle on/off if the app will show your current location, and add up to 6 cities. The 6 city limit seems to just be for Android, since the OS runs on screens of varying sizes. I don’t have an iOS device, but there’s probably few enough that they were able to work it out.

If you want to remove a city, you just tap on the little x next to it, and then confirm by tapping in the “delete” button that shows up.

There’s a limit on that too, you have to leave at least one city on there.

So there you have it. If you want the weather with a little less cheerfulness and a lot more grumpiness and you also like cats, this might be the weather app for you. Especially if they add some currently missing features.


What follows are screenshots of some of the Grumpy cat quotes you get with your weather readout.