So while everybody was busy talking about how awesome or shitty iOS 7 is, I had another Apple experience in my life. I sold my iPad.

Now before we start a flame war, I have nothing against Apple or its products. Admittedly, I used to be an Apple fanboy. I loved my iPhone when I had it. I loved my iPad when I had it. I was also one of those people who went to Best Buy at 4:00 AM for the iPad 2 launch because I had to have it. And on the Retina iPad launch day? I was right back at Best Buy to pick up the latest and greatest, although this time on my lunch break. And that is only the start of my Apple army that includes a MacBook Pro, Apple TV, Airport Express, and 2 Airport Extremes. So like I said, I’m no Apple hater.

But yesterday I sold my iPad.

Funny thing is, my iPad met all of my needs as a tablet. It had a big beautiful retina display so I could watch 1080p content and it would look glorious. It had 64GB of storage so I could pack enough music and video in there to get me through anything. It even had LTE for the off chance I had to have data on the go. I don’t play games so I didn’t need anything faster. And it’s the only portable Apple device I own, so the 30 pin connector doesn’t drive me crazy. For all intents and purposes, it was everything I needed in a tablet.

What did I need?

Well I use it every day in the car for music to and from work, and I use it to watch movies when I travel. That’s it. Seriously, that’s all. It’s a portable DVD player/iPod combo at 4 times the cost. For everything else I use my laptop, which is more capable, or my phone, which is more portable. And that brings up the first reason I sold my iPad.

It’s a toy.

And as a toy, it’s really hard to justify how expensive it is. I really didn’t need to spend that much on something I use for so few purposes. I didn’t need an $830 tablet to watch HD movies and listen to music. I could have bought something much less expensive that could easily do both. However, the iPad is already paid off. Why on earth would I sell it at a loss to get something cheaper? Well that brings up the second reason.

I want new toys.

Yup. Consumerism. By technology standards my iPad is getting old. It’s only 18 months old, but over the next two months a new iPad will come out that will look completely different. Then I’ll be walking around with the scarlet letter of out-of-date electronics. I want something cool and fresh. I want something new again. But also, it’s not just that I want a new tablet. I want a new phone too! Yup. Double consumerism. I have had my One X for 16 months, and that is longer than I’ve owned any phone since my 3GS. While it has been a great phone, the Dev community has all but died and I’ve been stuck on the same ROM for 5 months because it’s the last quality stable ROM. I went from flashing ROMs every week, to every month, to every couple months, to never. I miss being an Android nerd.


But why now?

Well actually this whole thing started when the new Nexus 7 was released. I wanted it. Bad. But as we covered up above, I already owned a tablet that met all of my needs. And even though I am a product of consumerism, it would be irresponsible for me to purchase a new product that does exactly what something I already own does. So I needed to sell my iPad first.

I did some research on eBay and it looked like 64GB LTE Retina iPads with an Apple Care+ warranty were going for $520 - $530. After eBay/Paypal fees, that would be $455-$465, which is just lower than I would like. So I went over to Craigslist with a realistic goal of $500. I started my first listing at $600, completely expecting people to offer less. Every week or so I would take $20 off the price, but never really got any legitimate offers. Tons of low balls. Tons of scams. Finally on Tuesday I re-listed the iPad for $500. I got 3 offers within an hour. One for $425, one for $450, and one said he was interested. Followed up with the third, met up with him, and closed the deal. He completely knew a new iPad was coming out and he actually already owned an iPad, but he had a 16GB model and it was cutting it. He needed a 64GB LTE model and didn't really want to shovel off $900. To him $500 was a great price. So he got exactly what he wanted and I got what I wanted.

The new toys.

After the deal closed, I went straight over to Best Buy to pick up a 32GB Nexus 7. Of course I needed instant gratification. When I got home I loaded it with the same 4 playlists that were on my iPad to get ready for my drive to work. As for the phone? I am waiting for the Nexus 5 to be announced next month and I’ll pick it up as soon as I can. Once I get it, I will sell my One X on eBay or Swappa. Basically I swapped my iPad and One X for a Nexus and Nexus. Phone and tablet for phone and tablet. I get new toys and I break even. Win/win to me. Plus my old electronics don’t go to waste. They end up in the hands of people who will continue to put them to good use.

And so this story ends, happier than a Pixar movie.

On September 19, 2013, I sold my iPad.

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