With 4k resolution tv's on the rise and tablet and computer screen resolutions suddenly skyrocketing to meet or pass "retina" levels; a storage, resolution and processing war is brewing.

Back in the late 90's early 2000's everyone had roughly the same resolution screens. TV's were 640 x 480 and computers were 1024 x 768. Most people never had more than a 3 mega pixel camera because that was more than enough pixels to crop from. Since image sizes were small you didn't need too much storage either. Camera memory cards maxed out at a whopping 1gb!

A just a couple years back we had hit another plateau. TV's were all around 1080p and computers averaged about the same. Camera's were sitting right around 10-13 megapixels. Memory cards were maxing around 64gb.

Then Apple dubbed the term "Retina Display" and things started to kick off again. 4k TV's are becoming affordable and ever more prevalent. Laptop, tablet and phone resolutions are skyrocketing. And Nokia has figured out how to pack 41 megapixel cameras in a smart phone.

For a photo or movie to look it best on these new screen they need to be taken in higher resolution. This will come at a price as this new high definition will take up significantly more storage capacity. So we need larger, faster storage. It will also consume more processing power. So processors will need to be boosted. This will all take more power and we will need bigger batteries. Lots of new product will come to market to meet these needs and the numbers races will begin again.