Au-timn. I like autimn.

I see these moonflowers around, but forgot how amazing they smelled. Piles of these things had been planted on a steep sandy bank and their odor filled the street. Unless it was bee gas. There were many.

I left the bees, who were bumping into each other and occasionally wrastlin’ it out in the bottoms of these monstrosities, lest I should succumb, and headed to the nearby lake. There was supposed to be storms all day but I’d yet to feel thrilled or threatened. I parked at a small dam at the end of the lake, did some quick coughing, and scrambled into the advancing fun.

Lightning bolts, they were elusive, ‘cept a fuzzy one, but the layers of oncoming air felt great as I held myself and the camera down for longish exposures.

As soon as I heard the first few fat smacks of rain, it poured. I took off my shirt, wrapping the camera, and ran across the dam, down and up stairs, through wet grass, to the car. There were squeals and yelps as I ran, but there was no one around, so it’s ok. Driving to the upper end of the lake I ducked a bridge to try to catch the last of the lightning. All I got was a big truck and some octopus graffiti.

But this morning it was nice and cool. I’m warning you cold, not yet, let cool hang out for a while.

So unless you live in Florida or something, I hope you have some pictures of relief and it’s not all rain and tissue boxes. Even if, let’s see some of it.