Made it to the science museum this week for the first time with the lad. The suggestive powers of mom looking at their website and pretending he wasn’t looking over her shoulder finally persuaded him, after years, that it might be interested. That and lying to him that the zoo next door was closed (because there’s a lot of construction going on). Most of the place was very kid-centric, but there were areas of planes and trains that quiet old men slowly walked through. I only got some passing glances before being drug off to more colorful places. Son had a lot of fun though, which was the point anyway.

The plane in the back, T-33 I think, was being cleaned and polished by a guy with a cool job. Didn’t make it close enough to properly ogle.

The little gray balls were magnetic and could be moved around the cylinder of this giant music box.

Not the greatest angles, but hey, rocket engines!

Little garden area at the museum, first flowering things. When it gets warmer there’s supposed to be a butterfly garden.

A chain conveyor at work crashed and a bunch of it’s plastic discs were broken off. We had to take the cast aluminum covers off the corners to make sure we got out all of the hard plastic chunks. Chain was really loose anyway so we just cut out the bad spots.

Angry metal octopus eyes.

My sonset is after me to play video games with him, so share below with some pitchers or comments of what did or didn’t work this week that we may press our faces to the glass and leave steam and smudges.