Hey fellow Fall-o’s! I’m at work today and it’s a busy maintenance day so Imma toss these up. Sorry for the lateness. All taken with m’ phone.

These are 3/8" steel wear plates eroded by falling roofing granules before going into the recycle bin.

Fam and I made it to Mt. Scott yesterday. There was a car gathering I would have lingered at in the town below, had I been alone, but there was no parking and so we just drove by and looked and then continued to the Mt.

Wife snapping us in distance. It’s some kind of selfie variant.

It was the lad’s first visit to any mountain, such as this is, and despite his hunger he was impressed. Mom was extremely nervous with us going about the rocks and seriously curbed our enthusiasm. We slowed way down and eventually got to walk about at some distance to her.

And then back to work.

And a comic from a fast food bag.