Got a little cool weather this week, it felt appropriate. There’s less good sunlight after work now. I saw a vee of geese go over some girls just taking to the trail at dusk. I love the sound of wings and air as birds leave the trees in number. My lad is asking for that snow and refuses to wait. Work is busy but not too crazy. Hocus is recovering nicely, so much so she stalks the door to the back where the timid calico is, for attacking; she found and shared a mouse we didn’t know we had.

Worky stuff

The other morning at work looking out a doorway the ground turned purple. I stepped outside, it lasted 5 or 10 minutes.

The last four are from my friends’ T5i, the rest iPhone 6s. Sorry for the relative lateness. I live in the land of constant interruption.

How’s the seasoning of your terroir? Isn’t that how it’s spelled/used?