What a week in the kinjaverse, may as well, uh, feed on flower nectar ? while the sun shines.

Went for a walk at the flower park with the two other fish. We came up on a big clump of flowers, mostly zinnias, and I started to talk about how busy they always were with butterflies and hummingbirds and sech, and grabbed a nearby flower, for some forgotten purpose. The flower started wriggling in my hand and my hand just kind of adjusted it’s grip, and the flower kept wriggling and pushing back. It was an odd sensation that puzzled me until I looked at the other side of the flower and saw a ruffled praying mantis. It looked at us, and gathered itself, but didn’t leave the flower, just stayed underneath, swearing and grooming. Winged thing looks most like the Tawny-Edged Skipper in me book.

Paper Wasp
Potter wasp

Potter wasps make mud “jug like” nests, lays a single egg in the chamber and then fills it with paralyzed moth caterpillars before sealing it up, Mmmmm.

This is at work and I haven’t identified yet.
Grand Western Cicada

The electrician/painter at work is painting a deer skull. Other coworker brought it in for him to do and now it’s done except for a base.

Wild huh? The antlers look black but are actually rubbed down with silver grade never-seize, an oil and metal powder emulsion used on bolt threads to keep them from rusting in place. Under the paint on the skull, copper never seize was used.

Finally, one meager railcar offering. RIP Gawker.

That’s mine for the week. Now let me see yours.