It’s that day of the week again! The day we post photos we took the week prior.

Post any SFW pictures you took during the week that you think are worth posting, they don’t have to be a work of art and they don’t have to be taken on a proper camera. They can be any pics you took which you think are worth uploading! They could be a meal, new shoes, or a very nice picture, whatever it is! Post it!


Try to post between 1 to 10 pics and include a rough location and gear if you want.

Early morning, getting off of work, a coffee shop and (vegetarian) cafe. I have gone there sporadically over the last several years, (lived across the street for a season). The people behind the counter remember your name and what you usually order, they’re a real coffee shop with all the machinery that I never utilize... they also make a variety of pleasant tea experiences and baked things. They are neighborhood owned and operated and a nearby welder artist guy has done a bunch of things for the place including shooter-marbles set in porch-roof detail. The honeysuckle and whatever-that-other-flower-is were putting off a great smell, my nose and eyes were competing, and the little grape-beginnings were soaking it all in.

Here is the inside of a (Griswold) pump that was used to move chilled water. It had been used for almost 4 years. The bottom picture is the cover that mates to the bit in the upper pic. Cavitation has eaten away at the places that are giving the water a hard time. It’s amazing what violently collapsing air-bubbles will do.

Interesting samplings from the rail yard. This week the pen was mighier than the can. (Though I have no idea what the drawing in the upper picture is...)

Before the first lawn-mow, a survey was conducted, wherepon these little egg deposits were found. If I were to win an lottery, I would produce a Microcosmos/Attenborough-like documentary on the flora and fauna of my front/back yard, with relish.

Finally, a recently-purchased front door sticker.

I’m a night-shifter at a busy time of year, so amuse youselves for the time-being, and at random times I’ll pareidolia the tea leaves of your offerings.