It’s that day of the week again! The day we post photos we took the week prior.

Post any SFW pictures you took during the week that you think are worth posting, they don’t have to be a work of art and they don’t have to be taken on a proper camera. They can be any pics you took which you think are worth uploading! They could be a meal, new shoes, or a very nice picture, whatever it is! Post it!


Try to post between 1 to 10 pics and include a rough location and gear if you want. Mine are all iPhone 6s in a city that calls itself Ok.

My sermon this week is going to be about all the little groups of things we collect. At times I feel like I live in a curio shop.

Other times it feels like a lived-in curio shop; a nine-year-old autistic boy dictates the state of organization around here. Right now plastic marble runs and dinosaurs rule.

The towelling dinos are the bath dinos, drying out. Lad is making his way through the Schleich dinosaur collection, having gotten us for all the Schleich horses he wanted. He has many many dinosaurs, (and other animals too) and every once in a while they are all assembled in parade upon the floor for inspection autistic enjoyment. Not this week though, you can hardly walk for the marble run pieces.


We used to have many nice dishes of magically (aka wife)-arranged rocks and shells and sticks. This is one of the dusty few left intact. It’s now rather jumbled from being in my room and me messing with it.

One of the weirdest things to have inhabited our dishes is this object found in the woods, my best guess being it is a deer-antler socket. Perhaps not?

And speaking of weird things. These are some water beads that you get as little hard pellets in a pouch. Put them in water and they turn into colorful, artificial fish eggs. They are supposed to be a tactile toy for individuals, so inclined.

And finally, because I hate long sermons, and in the spirit of old film rolls forgotten in drawers, I just dug these up. They are from the early 00's. I also found a place in town that develops for less than $4 a roll (b&w). We’ll see what my schedule, and procrastination, does with them.

(Btw, if anyone wants to take turns with the gallery [having just browsed the past few days posts] lemme know in les comments.)