After last week’s final, local, end-to-flowering frost, there were leddy-lac beatles cleaning up aphids and freezing together.

There is a place that generates sawdust across the tracks, it peppers trees and blackberries, and is seasoning these interestingly-spotted wooden apples.

The junipers in the background sheltered many a ladybug that day. The foreground cottonwood has, some problems.

I noticed a couple of interesting features around the root-puddle:

There have been coyote sightings in the area.
I experienced some kindred pareidolia faces with this odd thing that came out of the ground on maybe 3" of spindly stem.

Here is a Winter contribution to Fall leaves.

Then there was one day of sunny niceness and high altitude cloudage before the taste of that cold that starts physically changing pipes, faces/hands, engines, door frames, etc.

So work in the cold was fun. Frozen water sprayers, icicles inside the building where I’ve never seen them before, a couple burst, but inconsequential pipes. Night shift had it worse with a couple of power outages from someone in the area   running into a pole, (There was no real accumulation anywhere, just incautious hoominz.) resulting in some mysterious toastings of some electrical bits. But one of the burst pipes was a small copper line over what used to be a quality lab in the plant when it was a can factory, years ago. (from work-dirty phone)

But today I caught this plant trying to get in under the door.

Later than usual this eve’... But, what have ye seen this week, of the season? Things that bug? Are bright? Are COLD!? Ogle and/or share below.