Has your weather had teeth this week? Is it just sharpening it’s knives? Here’s a table for the grind.

I was at the spillway I’d visited the other week, there was a nice calm and a moment of big and little fish chirping at the surface. Things got all firey, but with purple, and then some different waterbirds came in and navigated about as it grew dark.

I had gone there again for storms, but they kind of went around the city. I had an umbrella for the few sprinkles, and took many pictures of the dark.

White smudge in water at lower right was a pair of swans performing extensive maneuvers in the area.

Then on my second day off said hell with chores, or lazing about, and took a drive to Mt. Scott. I say Mt., elevation is only 2,400 ft., but the little range of the Wichita Mountains rises out of flat or gently rolling hills and is covered by very old, weathered red granite boulders. I can’t believe it’s the first time I’ve visited this place in the 5 years I’ve lived around here, it’s only an hour and a half away. Must rectify this negligence. By, probly, neglecting some other iron needing fire. But the views! There’s also elk and bison, much of the area is a wildlife refuge. The rest of the area is giant windmills and Ft. Sill army base. Also note bright green lichen, I haven’t messed with the colors here, much, but it really looks like that.

Windmill farm view.

Have some views from the week? Peaks,valleys, hurricanes? Fur faces, food, or flower, share them here.