This week we dive into some of the best jailbroken apps around!


This is a basic tweak that allows you to change the iconic 'Slide to Unlock' text, have fun with it!

Price: Free


In your own home, do you really need the Passcode turned on? CleverPin believes otherwise, making your phone a slut behind closed doors. It can also disable the passcode if you're listening to music or charging it.

Price: $1.99


If you have an iPhone 5S, why not make better use of your fancy new home button? Use it to unlock your private apps with Asphaleia! For those who aren't up to date however, you can still just use a passcode lock on your apps.

Price: $1.99

That's all for this week - if you missed the last week, on how to get a better Find My iPhone, you can find it here.