What sap, bud’ies?! Water we all up to? What’s crackin? I shan’t punish you further. I had four days off in a row this week, it was kind of like a movie or show where people are just hanging out together with no discernible work world. There was a new ping pong table, some tennis with the lad, aka, chase the ball fast so you’ll be sore the next day, a new 36" aluminum pipe wrench came in, as well as s’m auto parts, an additional star wars viewing, and a walk by a lake.

Some sort of wizardry.

Then a lady bug came for a visit.

Working out a kink in the wing.
Lady bug, flying high. You can borrow this if you need it for something.

A grin of falling sand. Fine, like ashtray, sand through 1/8" holes.

Base of a large motor and squirrel cage type air blower, subject to many vibrations.

Later that day I was by a different but similar blower and started to notice it’s metal fatigue.

What sort of things this week have passed the lens of your path. The lad is dragging me off to table tennis.