Time for the Weekly Photo Gallery. We’re one day early because of the holidays, but come on in and share photos of what you’ve been up to over the past week.

Visited a Christmas market the other day. I was hoping for good food, performances of some sort and maybe some people making stuff. Good food abound, but only a little of the other two. Basically it was a flea market inside of a couple giant tents.

Immediately after taking this I noticed a “Please no pictures” sign.

So much amazing food to choose from!!!

Besides two of these, I had some kettle corn and an amazing hot chocolate.

And there was some live music to enjoy.

Light was fading as I went back outside.

They had a sort of back alley with some more food vendors and people making stuff.

This might be one of my favorite photos.

Then there was a dude making ice sculptures.

Gingerice Man at dusk.

At night.

Oh good God!

Found an unused set from a Joel Schumacher Batman film.

It was time to go. I was heading back to my car when I heard the distinct sound of a horse and buggy. Turned and snapped this quickly. Thought about chasing it down, but I was tired and decided to just go home.

A bunch more Christmasy photos here.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday!