A thing found in the woods. It can be said that people are more like themselves in the woods. You perceive you are alone, yet there is so much going on.

I saw this cat’s feet skitter for cover under car as I pulled into a small but full parking lot to my nearby woods place. By park, lens, window down time cat was this, then looked at me for a couple more before gone.

Thought I saw a face or few through the lens on the above.

Something striking on the ground, a yellow feather and then another. I think from a meadowlark.

A good green on this thorny tree.

I had some other work pics but at the last minute m’ cameraphone isn’t cooperating. It’s been a long week, 78 hrs. Had some daylight time off for the trees walk, which was oddly populated.

Motha is doing well, is drooly-sweet, shown with missing tooth.

Share below what ye’d like of the week in review. Relief or grief. Yawns. Woods. Machines, laughs- what y’ s(c)e/e/a n,e.