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Well here we are, in the midst of January. In the U.S. we’re about to begin an unpresidented precidency, and for many, joy is in short supply. I saw the new star wars last night, and today got some new shoes for the lad. He wanted red and white ones; we came home with some low top all-stars. Also this week, the living…

Otters Oddities

Good morning everyone! Long time no see. Well, not really. I’m here every day. But it’s been a while since I’ve done an oddities post. I have my reasons. The main reason though, is because I have new coaching duties that interfere with my posting. As in, the time when I usually would write the post is the time when I…

Goto Phallery

Due to a mistaken auto-correct, “hodge podge” is being experimented with around the house. I do not find it a graceful term, Mod Podge is better. I should have some snow pictures, but we didn’t get a whole lot, so the lad and I had one good play in the stuff, and then it was the ‘ole hide-from-the-cold game.