The Greatest Antique Radio That Never Existed

ODeck old-timers may recall seeing some of the furniture I’ve built as a hobby over the years, and at the risk of remonstration for shilling my own shit, may I present the Greatest Antique Radio That Never Existed.
» 5/22/15 1:01pm Friday 1:01pm

Roll Call

Hey howdy and Happy Freaking Friday Y’all. Looks like we’re almost home on what for many of us is (woo-hoo) a long weekend. And though some of us may not like it, there is a distinct not-summery-ness in the air around these parts. I’m good with it. Nice, cool but not frozen air is much better than humid funk. At least… » 5/22/15 6:00am Friday 6:00am

Re: Reader-Run Subdomains

In 2013, when Gawker Media sites moved to the new Kinja platform, a set of reader forums—including Groupthink on Jezebel, Observation Deck on io9, and Opposite Lock on Jalopnik—moved with them. Other reader sites sprang up on the same model. The result was a group of reader-run sites on Gawker Media website domains,… » 5/21/15 3:33pm Thursday 3:33pm

Roll Call

Halloooo and Happy Thursday O Mighty ‘Noisers. We’re on the down slope of the week and hopefully it won’t be too rickety a ride. I’m expecting a bit of a weirdish day, but I hope it isn’t unpleasantly so. Kittypie gonna go see the vet again, which she loves, and I have to help a couple of people get some stuff sorted… » 5/21/15 6:00am Thursday 6:00am

Will We All Be Replaced by Robots? Probably Not, But Let's Discuss It

Robots have captured our imagination for as long as the idea of technology has existed. Whether you’re talking about steam shovels or automated check-out kiosks, there has always been that pervasive, lingering concern that we will ultimately lose some kind of battle against the machines that we are creating to make… » 5/19/15 3:22pm Tuesday 3:22pm

Roll Call

Halloo and Happy Tuesday old strollers, cereal bowlers, holy rollers, and lie-tol’ers. Here we are again, just making our way through the week. It’s pretty uneventful at the office, just a few things to tidy up, a few instructions to leave and maybe a little second-hand shopping to do among the extra equipment. Always… » 5/19/15 6:00am Tuesday 6:00am