Open source advocate warns about honeypots

I don’t even know where to start with this mess, so lets start with open source culture ‘cause that’s the setting for this fight. The open source community is technically about making source code available so people can see how the programs they’re using work-it’s this idea that all information should be shared… »Yesterday 7:16pm12/01/15 7:16pm


Roll Call

Hello, and welcome to another Monday here on the interwebz. It is also the very very last day of November. We have one month until the new year, y’all. Which means if our year sucked, at least it’s almost over. I mean, if you go for arbitrary nomenclature of what constitutes a passing point from one year to the next.… »Monday 6:00am11/30/15 6:00am

Calling someone "exotic"

A guy on okc called me “exotic” and it made me inner Hulk flip the fuck out. So here’s some educational stuff in case anyone thinks it’s ok to call someone exotic. Tl;dr version, it’s not. Don’t EVER call someone that. People are not parrots in a fucking zoo.
»Sunday 6:05pm11/29/15 6:05pm

Cook Up a Turkey Doodle in the Thanksgiving Cross Thread


Welcome to the Thanksgiving Cross Thread, where last year Zarnyx and Un-Timplied asked us to share our turkey doodles. Many of you posted beautifully handdrawn turkeys in response. I, out of sheer laziness, opened up the scribble tool on my Gmail app and drew this, in about fifteen seconds: »Thursday 12:14pm11/26/15 12:14pm

Hello, Clarice... I mean, Barbie

Hello Barbie is Mattel’s hail mary after a three year sales decline, down 16% in 2014 alone. But as a parent, she’s creepy as hell. Barbie is high tech, using connection to WiFi and the internet to send conversational data with your kid to tailor Barbie’s responses to your child. »11/25/15 4:14pm11/25/15 4:14pm

Run or Walk Your Grievances Away With the Festivus Virtual 5k/10k

Are you a fan of the Seinfeld TV show, its made-up holiday of Festivus, and also looking to run, or walk off some of that winter weight? Then check out the Festivus Virtual 5K/10k from the Vacation Races Virtual Race Series. As with any virtual race, you do the distance on your own, and then provide your time to… »11/25/15 1:06am11/25/15 1:06am

bangishotyou's best cheap smartphones holiday gift guide (UPDATED x3)

That’s right, folks, to make up for the lack of posts over the past month or so I’m kicking this one off with a bang and giving you a pic of a ferret in a stocking right off the bat. But seriously this one was a bit overdue and I hadn’t done one of these in a few years and after seeing that horrible post Giz put out… »11/24/15 2:21pm11/24/15 2:21pm